Tim Baker

Owner, CEO, Realtor

Tim Baker

Tim grew up on a Morgan County, Alabama farm near the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Tim’s knowledge of the outdoors, wild edible and medicinal plants, hunting, trapping, fishing and Native American artifacts was gleaned from the many hours he spent with his grandfather. As a boy, his days were filled with roaming and fishing along the banks of the Tennessee River, searching for arrowheads in the plowed cotton fields, trapping, and waterfowl hunting. Tim’s interest in Native American artifacts, specifically arrowheads, grew into a passion to learn and master the art of flint knapping over the past thirty-five years.

Tim’s career as a hunting guide began while in his teens and led him to form Wildlife Development, Management & Consulting, Inc. Through this corporation Tim plans, develops, and plants hunting properties for private land owners and hunting clubs. He has been specializing in properties located across Alabama and South Central Tennessee for the past twenty+ years. Tim is well versed in timberland, recreational properties, 1031 exchanges, conservation/waterfowl hunting lands, row crop, executive estates, gentleman’s farms, multi-generational estates, commercial, and residential properties.

A lifetime of experience has led to the creation of Tim Baker Real Estate. Tim has combined his love for the outdoors, ability to find successful solutions for buyers and sellers with properties of all types, and his drive for growth into a fresh business model. Tim takes great pride in having each party in a transaction leave with a smile on their face and the desire become repeat clients. Whether you find him deep in the woods, on the roads, or in a field; Tim provides knowledge and experience that bring success in any transaction.